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The establishment of the modern Police organization dates back to July 19, 1921. On July 19, 1921, the Sixth Session of the People’s Parliament of Mongolia resolved to establish the “Preventive Militia”, mandated with the modern police functions, to ensure implementation of the law, fight crime, and to maintain public order.

Since 1921 untill1990s, the police organization belonged to Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Public Security to enforce the law, ensure public safety, and to fight crime in metropolitan and local areas with integrated organizational management and preformed state mandated responsibilities with public participation.

As a result of the political and socioeconomic transitions towards democracy and market economy in 1990s, Mongolian police organization underwent to a drastic transformation and has been reestablished as a National Police Agency- Regulatory Agency of the Government of Mongolia mandated to combat crime, maintain public order and public safety on a national basis.