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Government of Mongolia


1. General Provision

In the State Great Khural decree №48 of 2010 on “Adoption of Mongolian National Security Concept” is stated as: to protect the Mongolian citizen from criminal offences, to secure the safe living condition, to improve the ethic, professional skill, responsibility, standard requirement of a law enforcement personnel and to develop their legal and social security.  

In the “Action Program of the Mongolian Government of 2012-2016” is stated that functions such as maintenance of a public order and prevention of a crime are to be organized within the local authority, to improve the rights and responsibilities of a state and state employees and to implement the principles being transparent and serving for the citizens.  In the Parliament decree 63, Appendix 4 of 2012 on “To approve the action strategy of a Ministry and structural change program” are raised main intentions as to organize the implementation of a policy on a judicial reform of subordinated agencies.

The law enforcement, the service to maintain a public safety have obliged to Police functions and the law enforcement reform has laid the foundation by the new “Police law /revised version/”  which was approved on 5 July 2013 by State Great Khural.

Some foreign leading experts and scientists have evaluated that making a professional and technological reform in a Mongolian Police will provide main terms of showing the police service to citizens more sufficient and immediate. And also recommended that the attention and active interruption of the Government of Mongolia, National Police Agency and other related international organizations are required, to proceed from the soviet system to the new modern police system, acquiring back the trust of citizens and improving police work into professional level by making a reform in an international, large scale and based on a long lasting co operation.

According to a research, the public have evaluated that police are formalistic, aggressive, lack of ethics, lack of professional skills, interacts with citizens unequally, police senior officials do influence to the lower officials’ independent circumstances, police are paying more attention to consumptive and wealthy people.

From the other hand, depreciating, slandering and insulting the police officers from public, has become a common phenomenon. Also it is determined that the police are misbehaving with the citizens when they are being stressed and depressing because of their uncertain working hours, lack of time to spend for their families and so on.

According to a research which was made to determine the satisfaction of the public to a police service, 70 percent of them have answered medium and lower, and 50 percent of them have answered that police cultural behavior is poor.

After the approval of the new Police law /revised version/ and its implementation from 1 January 2014, the police have acquired many possibilities and advantages such as: have approved the procedure code and law, have started to upgrade the technological equipments for the agency and personnel duty, raised up the willingness and tendency in government, public and police personnel to make a reform in police organization, to develop the technology of an organization’s procedure, to increase the standards of techniques to an international level, to take support from foreign organizations for purpose of increasing the efficiency of the personnel.

The police are still facing the following problems and challenges such as: the organization's internal and external culture has not become formed, the absence of institutional values, personnel selection system has not renewed, lack of choice of a manager, management personnel training system is not established, officers with insufficient knowledge of foreign languages, not experienced to acquire new information, do not have enough skill to work as a group, personnel do often get ill, there has been a way of discrimination within the police according to their rank and position, lack of sufficient budget and irrational expenditures.

Thus, above mentioned issues are making the main matters to approve “Police development program” which is the main document determining the policy, goal of a strategic procedure and mission of the Police.

2. Fundamental principles for implementing a program

2.1. To obey the following principles for adherence to a program:

2.1.1. To respect the human rights and freedom;

2.1.2. To be open and transparent;

2.1.3. To maintain confidentiality and receiving the civil support through the building public trust;

2.1.4. To cooperate with the governmental organizations, nongovernmental organizations, local government and citizens;

2.5.5. To utilize science, modern techniques and technologies and discovery of information network and to be under the integrated and centralized management.

3. Values, mission, motto and pride of police

3.1. Police values is “Swear an oath before fatherland and people”;

3.2. Police mission is “Reliable and guaranteed service – civil and public faith and support”;

3.3. Police force motto is “Be together for building a peaceful life”;

3.4. Prides of the police, it’s includes “Historical traditions, accumulated experiences, flag, symbol, police rank, certificate, badge and uniform”.

4. Program purposes and objectives

4.1. Following goals and objectives will be implemented through the program:

                        4.1.1. Good management;

4.1.2. Specialized activity;

4.1.3. Healthy and proficient human resource;

4.1.4. Effective budget, finance and investment;

4.1.5. Public relations.

5. Implementing actions

5.1 Following activities will be implemented within the objectives of good management:

5.1.1. To introduce performance and risk management system into the organizational activity;

5.1.2. To develop monitoring and evaluation system based on the result in police force;

5.1.3. To be open and transparent to all issues except that is classified as confidential matters by law and to admit civil council and public inspection for the police activity;

5.1.4. To develop the police activity in conjunction with support of reform in the field of law enforcement and judicial authorities, local governments, governmental and non-governmental organizations, economic entity and community and carry out function to enforce the law and ensure the law implementation and responsibility based on participation of community;

5.1.5. To make optimum allocation of authority and responsibility at all levels of police and to establish accessible and effective structure and system cohering with principles of integrated and centralized management of local police to develop independently and to work and serve accordance with specified standard by government;

5.1.6. Provide regular use the research and study finding and result in police activity and to implement the projection which is named “Police Innovation”;

5.1.7. To share and introduce constantly the good experiences from foreign countries’ police force;

5.1.8. To build an organizational culture including psychology, attitude, experience, beliefs, values and appearance;

5.1.9. To reform the criteria to assessing an office and officer performance and evaluate the results by considering workload and special obligation.

5.2. To implement following functions within the objective of specialized activity:

5.2.1. To conduct operations of law enforcement accordance with standard and method;

5.2.2. To respect human rights and to establish to follow criteria of being honest and independent;

5.2.3. To base on sufficient and reasonable evidence with legitimate background while conducting investigation;

5.2.4. To develop and adapt tactics and strategy with scientific ground in combating crime, maintain public order and public safety;

5.2.5. To promptly organize for gathering essential information for police activity and conducting an inspection, analysis, utilization, transferring, receiving, allocating, evaluating results and providing reference based on technological development;

5.2.6. To decrease human participation in law enforcement of Police activities and introduce information technology and to implement ‘‘Cyber police’’ program.


            5.3. Within the scope of healthy and skilled human resources the following activities will be carried out:

                        5.3.1. To implement ’’Healthy-police’’ project;

                        5.3.2. To implement ‘’Improving communication skills of Police officer’’ sub program;

                        5.3.3. To determine needs of Police human resource and to create appropriate proportion of human resource who will perform main functions and supporting;

                        5.3.4. To renew characterization of police position (work place) and procedure of making human resource survey, selection and appointment process and to create special knowledgeable, trained, skilled, capable and merciful human resources;

                        5.3.5. To implement retraining and advanced training programs connected with bachelor, master and doctorate degree trainings of Police officer and to establish regional training centers;

                        5.3.6. To adhere policy preparing police leaders who have leading ability;

                        5.3.7. To provide opportunity for appointing higher position or working stable for police officers and personnel who meet requirements of their working places and to form system of civil service capability (merit) in the Police;

                        5.3.8. Ethical offenses committed by police to be discussed by ethical committee and will take part in community;

                        5.3.9. To support and make contribution to the police officers to become own assets and savings by increasing salary, involving in compensation and insurance, rendering assistance, benefits and provide housing;

                        5.3.10. To improve labor safety, security and working condition of police officers and employee.

            5.4. Following actions will be carried out within the scope of beneficial budget, finance and investment:

            5.4.1. To estimate budget and investment rely upon organizational development strategy, implementing program, project and activities based on actual demands;

            5.4.2. To improve internal inspection of finance and to develop system of glass accounts;

            5.4.3. To provide transparency of purchasing;

            5.4.4. To calculate expenditure and amount of consumption regularly and not to cause unproductive expenses.

5.5. The following activities will be made within the scope of communicating with public (customer, user and marketing):

                        5.5.1. Marketing of Police service directs towards to the some kind of social groups such as youths and minors and requests assistance back with these groups to the law enforcement activities;

                        5.5.2. Constructing standardized official buildings and supplying with modern automobile and techniques, and making new external images in order to create areas providing services to the citizens, to implement complex standard of service and to increase sufficiency;

                        5.5.3. Exploring needful information on police activities to the public and analyses based on the proposals and requests of customer, client organization, enterprises and citizens and to form system providing information to the public via the popular news media;

                        5.5.4. Increasing police participation in public activities and events organized by institution, entity and citizens and to make advertisements of introduced actions and services to the organization for the period of cooperation;

                        5.5.5. Controlling and managing negative information which is delivering from mass media or other sources and to prevent crime by taking measures decreasing influences;

                        5.5.6. Changing old and typical attitude based on military and law enforcement system and to develop accredited, immediate and cultured services to rely upon belief, support of public and civilian control.

6. Period and funding

            6.1. Program will be implemented by following periods from 2014-2019:

a)    First period 2014-2017;

b)    Second period 2017-2019.

6.2. Fund requires to implement the program will be paid for State and local budget.

7. Administration and organization

            7.1. Non vacant counsel will manage the program implementation. Member of counsel will be established by order of Minister of Justice and leaded by Commissioner General of the National Police Agency.

            7.2. Program will be implemented by National Police Agency, departments, local police and police officers.

            7.3. Program will have the plan, project and subprogram.

            7.4. Team and specialists who conduct each purpose and scope should be trained and prepared by Ministry of Justice and National Police Agency.

8. Expected outcome

            8.1. Program will achieve following results:

                        8.1.1. Internal and External culture of organization will set up;

                        8.1.2. Value of organization will create;

                        8.1.3. Competitive system of human resources will renew;

                        8.1.4. Manager selection and train system of leadership will improve;

                        8.1.5. Foreign language ability of police officers will improve;

                        8.1.6. Ability of getting information and team work will develop.

9. Risk assessment

            9.1. Team appointed by Police headquarter will make inspection to the program implementation with professional organization of outside research yearly.

            9.2. Ministry of Justice will make supervision and assessment once in 2 years and will draft a recommendation in 2016.

            9.3. Within the leading tendency towards Police activities considered in this program based on making research, inspection and assessment connected with current circumstances, police will organize and conduct concerned strategies every year.